Vetrivel Movie Review
Posted on: April 23, 2016, by : Naveen Martin


Vasanthamani has written and directed a film, Vetrivel, that appears to have been lifted in bits and pieces from several earlier works like Sundarapandian, Nadodigal and Thevar Magan, and what is worse, the lead in the helmer’s latest outing, Sasikumar, looks utterly jaded — essaying the same kind of do-godder, talking morals and saving society. A controlled actor no doubt, but Sasikumar is not even willing to give up his beard, and in movie after movie, he looks the same, delivering dialogues in a sickeningly similar manner and getting into characters who look much the same.

The plot is set at the back bone of a feud between Prabhu and Vijee Chandrasekhar who actually are step-siblings. The protagonist Sasikumar’s brother and Prabhu’s daughter wanting to marry each other, serves as the story’s neck, guiding its direction through the twists. Though the story is based on these two points, it explores several other tracks such as the love story between Miya and Sasikumar while the initial setup of the film is being presented. Credit has to be given to the director for Presenting the story under a solid pattern , Furnishing it with ample and all important characters and Not grinding the same stone. In fact, the story is sure to convince the audience with its touch of originality to a seemingly predictable drama.

Sasikumar impresses with his natural sense of emoting. Though his love track with Miya George is somewhat predictable, it neatly bags the smiles and sensibilities of the audience. Miya George’s role is relatively smaller in the film, but she lights up the screen, adapting maturely to her character. Premam fame Ananth Nag travels throughout the movie and has played convincingly as a brother in need of help. Renuka and Ilavarasu play the role of the brothers’ parents with experience. Prabhu does wonderfully to play the role of the village panchayat head. Vijee Chandrashekar’s role as the antagonist beats up many other Kollywood goons who have been called villains. Varsha and Nikkila impress us as equally as they have impressed the brothers in the story, to whom they play the pair. Samuthirakani’s cameo is clever and comical.

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