10 Hilarious Kama Sutra Comic Strips For Married Couples
Posted on: April 27, 2016, by : Naveen Martin

As per Indian texts, one of the goals of man in his life is Kama meaning pleasure. Kama Sutra is the oldest sex manual which has guided many of the innocent people. Vatsyayana’s masterpiece has changed many people’s sexual lives. Vatsyayana has depicted about different tacts and techniques of love-making and exploring fantastic sexual positions.

But, if you are married and still don’t feel sexually attracted towards your partner, you need to check out Married Kama Sutra by Simon Rich and Farley Katz. The Married Kama Sutra is the world’s least erotic sex manual depicted in a hilarious way.

Let’s see few of the hilarious Kama Sutra comic strips.

1. The Angry Moment When Your Child Interrupts Your Sex Timing.



2. A Long Hot Bath With Wine Is All A Women Do To Increase Her Libido.



3. Let’s Intake The Drug Ambien And Get Lazy Together.



4. Moment When Man Gets Caught For Secretly Watching Her Ex Girlfriend On Facebook.



5. The Jealousy And Trouble Shooting TIme When Your Women Becomes Eye-Catching With Someone Else.



6. Undoubtedly, Every Men Do This .



7. Cherishing Love Under The Dinner Table.



8. The Moment When Women Is Urging You To Do What She Is Being Doing.



9. When Women Directs The Men To Do It In A Right Way As She Is Doing.



10. Man Always Behaves Like A Stubborn Goat For Shopping And Women Are The Driving Force For It.


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